Small cap. Big impact.

carlsberg zero2 cap

The ZerO2 bottle cap. Fresh beer. For longer.

Fresher beer equals better beer. So of course, we set out to discover how we could keep our bottled beer fresh for as long as possible. The result? The ZerO2 smart bottle cap - a tiny detail with a big impact.

Oxygen. Crucial for life. Bad for beer.

Synonymous with life itself but bad for beer, air makes beer lose its freshness and taste in no time.

So we thought: Can we somehow reduce the oxygen inside the bottle? Probably.

The 3 steps towards fresher beer.

carlsberg cap

A new oxygen scavenger inside the cap...

The ZerO2 bottle cap contains an oxygen scavenger in the liner of the cap

carlsberg cap

... results in less oxygen in the bottle...

This actively absorbs oxygen, removing it from the head space in the bottle

carlsberg cap

... which ensures fresher, better tasting beer

This powerful combination reduces flavour oxidation and ensures beer that tastes fresh for longer

carlsberg zero2 cap


Up to 15% longer period of freshness compared to other caps


one of the best caps in the world? Probably

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